lovely lokta

well, who new lokta could be so lovely? not us!

and who else is excited to discover that a plant named lokta even exists?

if you’re not already, then you most certainly will be when you see the beautiful things it can be turned in to. take, for example, these beautiful journals. and do please let us tell you the story behind them (it involves lokta, ergo it is good).

the paper these journals are made out of is entirely handcrafted using local raw materials, simple technology, and ancient skills. the journals themselves are made in nepal by co-operatives of women and small cottage industry.

the paper is made out of sustainably harvested lokta, which is also known as the daphne plant (and also sounds a little bit like ‘helicopter’ or the name you might bestow upon a cricket).

lokta grows in the heart of the himilayas at altitudes of over 6500 feet. the bark of the lokta plant is removed (this is actually good for the plant because it promotes new growth) and turned into paper through traditional paper making processes. the result is a super strong and durable paper that is perfect for colourful and beautiful products like these journals.

we love lokta! and we love what the clever woman who made these journals have turned it into.



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