cathie on why chocolate is good (so good) for you

we already knew that schoc chocolate was good for you (and that it is just good fullstop) but, believe it or not our pretties, it just got even better for you. read on and you’ll find out firsthand from cathie just how beneficial chocolate can be. huzzah!

whenever we talk about the health benefits of dark chocolate and the antioxidant kick-in people smile and think we’re being tongue-in-cheek.

chocolate isn’t really good for you right? just think of the sugar content and the additives.

well this is simply not true. the health benefits of chocolate have a sound scientific basis and there is a particular extraction method known that creates a chocolate that retains its flavanols and anti-oxidants. this kind of chocolate is called acticoa and is made by schoc as schoc active chocolate.

Schoc chocolate from Jumping Tangents online gift storethe ideal time to take your daily dose of acticoa is before your exercise routine or before you tackle that special sports event (although, let’s be honest, any time is a good time for chocolate).

acticoa chocolate is vasodilatory, meaning that it enlarges your veins and arteries for three hours after eating. this assists with oxygenation of the cells at the farthest reaches of your body. just two segments of acticoa a day will give you all the antioxidants you need for the day.

two segments of chocolate a day? tough, huh. much yummier than swallowing a vitamin tablet!

in order to test the truth of the claim behind this acticoa chocolate (as we all know one must do for sales integrity), i ate two squares before a ten kilometre run i did in wanaka recently. i was thrilled to achieve second place in the veteran section – yay! must have been the chocolate. very scientific findings – and enough of an excuse for you to try it out for yourself. (and thank you to the beautiful steph from handmade photography for the photo!)

Schoc chocolate from Jumping Tangents online storeand, as if you needed more convincing, i’ve done some more research for you. the schoc chocolatiers have always been fascinated with the therapeutic benefits of chocolate and have experientially trialled and noted the results on different personality types as part of the chocolate journey. interestingly enough the founders of schoc, murray langham and roger simpson, are therapists as well as chocolatiers. you can read about their chocolate journey in their chocolate therapy book and, for the romantically inclined, hot chocolate.

we were, therefore, not surprised to learn that schoc chocolate have exclusive access to acticoa chocolate in new zealand.

and now i’d like to leave you with a fact file of exactly what it is that acticoa does that makes it so good for you:

  • the natural antioxidants in acticoa chocolate protect the body against the negative effects of free-radicals (brought on by things like stress and air pollution). they help you feel great and in top condition.
  • did you know that you only need to eat 7.6g acticoa dark chocolate on a daily basis to strengthen your natural defences against oxidative stress?
  • as i’ve already mentioned, acticoa chocolate is rich in antioxidants. what’s more, the specific cocoa flavanols help to keep blood pressure and blood circulation at healthy levels.
  • all of this means that schoc acticoa chocolate helps with your concentration levels. So pop a couple of squares before your next exam or demanding mental task – in good conscience of course.
  • all that increased circulation benefits your skin too, by increasing the blood supply which also benefits hydration levels.

lots of love from cathie XX

have you ever had a ‘chocolate saves the day’ moment? please do tell. we can’t sing the praises loud enough.


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