reflections of a solitary hamster

kimberley finds a kindred soul in reflections of a solitary hamster by astrid desbordes and pauline martin.

From Jumping Tangents online gift and book store NZwe’ve all got a little bit of hamster in us. who amongst us hasn’t at one stage or another pretended to be a puma, worried the stars won’t recognise us for what we are, or refused to share our last waffle with anyone?

don’t worry, i won’t tell. i’ve got a selfish streak too. and i only understand hamster too well when he says: ‘i love waffles. the fear of running out haunts me. i can’t help that. my passion for them will never die.’

reflections of a solitary hamster is a charming, funny and clever picture book about the infuriatingly egotistical and hilariously oblivious hamster and his woodland friends. originally written in french, this english edition is published by wellington’s own gecko press. and you can tell – it’s a beautiful book on beautiful paper and has that gorgeous and decadent feel that every gecko book manages.

this is as much a picture book for adults as it is one for kids. each and every person who reads it is bound to find a little bit of themselves in one or all of the characters. you might identify as i do with hamster’s obsessive need to keep all his waffles for himself, or with mole’s earnest desire to write a novel, or with snail’s need to write a list to remind himself not to get distracted counting dandelions or putting buttercups on his head on his way to a party.

this book will make you giggle and then chuckle and, finally, laugh out loud. because what’s funny if not seeing your own faults embodied by a woodland creature?


please, do tell: have you read reflections of a solitary hamster? what did you think? have you got any other big people’s picture books to share?


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