the right cards to play

there are lots of different kinds of cards: cards you write secret messages in, business cards, cards that invite you to swish and lovely soirees, playing cards … er … credit cards …

but what you may not know is that there are also card decks of inspiration and love. these are little gems that fit in the palm of your hand and from which you can draw a card offering a wise or funny or comforting message. there are many cards and, therefore, many messages. it’s just like eeyore and his red balloon in the honey pot — you stick your hand in, and you always pull something lovely and exciting out.

we have a few of these card decks in our collection but our absolute favourite is the sweet dreams bedtime wishes one. technically, it’s supposed to be for little kids but we’re all children at heart so it works for us too.

this lovely card has the following quote from our beloved mr wilde on it (which is why we’re showing it to you: all our favourite things — oscar, dreams, inspiration! — together on one card):

The sweet dreams card deck for big and little kids from Jumping Tangents online gift shop

look upward where the white gull screams. what does it see that we do not see? is that a star? or the lamp that gleams on some outward voyaging argosy – ah! can it be we have lived our lives in a land of dreams!
~ oscar wilde

another oft-used card deck from our collection is the celtic wisdom deck, which offers various traditional tales that each have an important inspirational message. this is just one:

Celtic wisdom card deck from Jumping Tangents online gift store New Zealand

the beauty within
five brothers were lost in a forest. one went to find water and reached a well, where an ugly crone demanded a kiss in return for a bucketful. the brother refused and returned empty-handed, as did the next three eldest in turn. when his turn came, the youngest brother kissed the hag, and she became beautiful. she rewarded him with the promise that he would one day be king of ireland.
true nobility discerns beyond appearances. challenge yourself to apply this guiding principle in your personal and professional encounters. give thanks for the beauty and meaning you discover under the surface and for your ability to appreciate such rewards.

and the final card deck from our, as you will by now have guessed, extensive collection is the healing deck.

Healing card deck from Jumping Tangents online gifts NZ

process: i invent creative solutions to every problem
think of yourself as an inventor or an artist. both confront the unknown with faith in their creative abilities to guide them to truth and beauty. make your life a work of art and your art a work of life.

do please let us know if there are any card decks of love and inspiration that we should know of! and please do share any quotes or messages or tales you turn to when you need comfort and support.



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One Response to the right cards to play

  1. cathietherese says:

    i love the comparison to eeyore in this blog – so true about a card deck xo

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