the day diane met ben and claude

a story from diane about how she met ben and claude monet in the little brown house yesterday …

the little brown house was packed. school had just been let out and there were a lot of kids begging their parents for this, that and the other thing.

one particular family had been in the shop for a while because the children had to make sure they had made the perfect purchase. no matter what they looked at, they always came back for the pheasant quill with ballpoint nib — this is something that catches everyone’s eye.

so, anyway, this little boy was walking around with his quill trying to find something to write on. he was very short, as most 4-year-olds are. i came out from behind the counter and brought him round a piece of paper so he could try the pen.

“i’m going to write my name,” he said. “b – e – n.”

“wow,” i said. “you have very nice writing.

then he looked up at me and said, “now, don’t forget my name.”

it was so casual and subtle yet flirtatious. my heart melted as i am sure some girl’s will when he says the same thing 20 years from now.

he and his family are from christchurch and had to relocate to wanaka after the earthquake. that day we just happened to be giving free cookies to people from christchurch. his eyes lit up when i said he got a free cookie. by now i think he is in love with me!

so ben and his family purchased some goodies, ate their free cookies, and away they went … or so i thought.

about two whole minutes later, i looked over and there was ben standing behind the counter trying to get my attention.

“oh, hello ben, did you forget something?” i asked.

his reply: “do you know claude monet?”

“i’m sorry who?” i said.

claude monet, do you know him?” he repeated.

“you mean the artist? well yes, i know of him but i don’t know him personally. why do you ask?”

“i just wanted to know. bye!”

his dad then came around the corner and said, “ok ben, you got your answer.”

ben walked away with a big smile on his face and i too had a smile, for obvious reasons. he was too cute.

i still wonder to myself, why would he ask that? what was the significance to this little boy and how did i get to be the lucky girl he asked?

i guess it’s just another wonderful encounter in the little brown house.

love diane xx


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3 Responses to the day diane met ben and claude

  1. cathietherese says:

    “naaaaw! do you know claude monet?” – from a 3 year old – life is great xoxo

  2. D. Laughton says:

    i can only imagine what kind of lines he will use once he is fully educated!

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