hot (cross) chocolate for our easter bunnies

since it was easter, we thought we’d share an extra special easter treat with you — the one and only little brown house hot chocolate recipe! it’s adapted from a 17th century french recipe and is super easy, super satisfying to prepare, and super tasty. so enjoy sweeties and we hope you had a happy easter break!

little brown house chocolat chaud

first prepare the ganache – it’s the dreamy, scriby bit. do this on a frosty morning and use a copper basin if you have one. open the window a little by the stove so that the aroma wafts out and swirls in the air around you.

half fill a saucepan with water – bring this to the boil with the basin on top forming a bain-marie. switch temperature off or leave on very low – chocolate does not like being rushed and it will go claggy and monstrous if you try to speed things up.

take 10 oz (approx. 283 grams) schoc chef dark chocolate and add to basin.

heat one cup of heavy cream in a heatproof microwave dish for around 2-3 minutes until almost at boiling temp – or gently heat in a separate pan on the stove top. the slower you go the better your hot chocolate will be.

add the cream gradually to the chocolate, gleefully stirring after each edition with a wise look on your face as you create a sleek, velvety ganache.

after you have completed the ganache take a separate saucepan and heat:

6 cups whole (blue top) milk
1 large fresh bay leaf
dried chilli powder or infuse with a deseeded fresh chilli (depending how much of a hottie you are)
a pinch of Maldon sea salt.
grate in some PINK peppercorns
throw in a cinnamon quill too or a shake of powder if you don’t have a quill at home.

stir and let the flavourings infuse. heat to around 64 degrees celcius – almost boiling but DON’T boil it – gently does it … simmer away ….

remove the bayleaf and cinnamon quill. pour the milk into a large basin and then add the ganache to this. bring out your bamix or similar blender and froth the two together.

serve immediately.

this recipe contains no sugar because the sickly sweetness would overpower the magical chocolate and herbs.

please help us to grow our wonderful business by sharing this recipe (and some jt love) with your friends! we really appreciate and need your support and know that with you JT’s little brown house is evolving into something more beautiful, moment by moment, night following day …

love cathie XX


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3 Responses to hot (cross) chocolate for our easter bunnies

  1. D Laughton says:

    It is so much fun playing around with different spices to get the taste just right! Such an amazing recipe! A joy to make and drink anytime of the year!

  2. Pip Freeman says:

    Oh boy – am I ever homesick for Little Brown House after watching that! Cathie, you are gorgeous as ever. Just what I needed to see today for so many reasons. Love you guys xo, Pip

  3. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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