hello blythe! (have a little faith)

… a true and uplifting tale from cathie about faith and finding beauty in each other …

beauty is expressed in many forms, you say. vive la difference, you say. we say, go ask blythe.

blythe doll could not honestly tell you that she has always encountered such enlightened minds as yours in this life. when she debuted on earth, way back in 1972, she flopped massively – she had no ‘market niche’ and was even considered too scary for children. blythe found it tremendously difficult not to despair because she is a sensitive soul with such big eyes that tear up rather easily. she told us she was a peach who bruised easily, but that she’s toughened up a lot and now considers herself more of an eve apple. (we didn’t fully believe her because her eyes are big and unconvincing when they say they are tough-nut eyes.)

she credits her dear friend gina with having faith in her as well as great vision. oh yes, the talented gina garan was one special person for ms blythe. gina knew that blythe was a good looking winner from the first time she ever clamped her own peepers on her.
fast forward 27 years from 1972. gina’s photographic talents combine with blythe’s now obvious good looks. (beauty’s really in the eye of the beholder, huh?) in 2000 gina published her first book, this is blythe, a collection of photographs of blythe and some of her friends. this is blythe was named ‘firecracker alternative book of the year’ in 2001, selling over 100,000 copies.

gina also collaborated with her japanese agent junko wong. in their first ad campaign for parco, a japanese department store, blythe and her friends found themselves holed up in a snow globe at christmas time. this ad campaign was a mega success.
so, given recent events, you could really call blythe a pop-culture success story, nay, an icon even. she’s grown from obscurity (or worse, from being ‘scary’ and a flop) into a gorgeous fashion model.

a fashion model? we are exaggerating right? no we are not. there is an annual ‘blythe charity fashion show’ in tokyo where blythe is carried down the runway by white-glove wearing models. as a virtual model, blythe has global design houses behind her including prada, gucci, vivienne westwood, issey miyake, versace and sonia rykel plus many others.
we love blythe! and we especially love her tale. it makes us wonder at the power of having a special friend believe in you even when you have an over-sized head and large eyes; having someone who believes that you are wonderful because you bring a different flavour to the table of life.

now! if we all run off and be ginass with faith and optimism in our own differences and those of our friends, we can transform the world into an even more beautiful place.

‘hail to thee blithe spirit, bird thou never wert,
that from heaven, or near it,
pourest thy full heart in profuse strains of unpremeditated art’
~ percy bysshe shelly

(as if we would miss a chance to get some shelly into the equation.)

love cathie

a word to the savvy: the blythe postcards are back in stock but we can’t promise for how long – they sold out immediately last time!

view our awesome photo album of blythe here:



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  1. Claire says:

    cute 🙂 x

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