wanaka living, it’s time we brought you home . . .

In 2001, when I was working in real estate, I launched a marketing campaign for a Wanaka property and I used the tag line ‘If such a place exists, take me there.’ The property sold at auction for a record price and some people said I oversold it. I didn’t. I really don’t think you can oversell a place like Wanaka because Wanaka is about more than simply monetary values. Wanaka is inextricably linked to its stunning natural landscape and to the influences of the four seasons. In Wanaka you won’t see any teetering high rises. It’s an area that is thankfully largely unspoiled. Such strong natural influences can’t be dominated: Wanaka’s is a environmental beauty with which you co-exist. Because, you see ‘such a place’ does still exist and it is called Wanaka.

Wanaka lakefront at sunset -- photo taken by Catherine Davis

Wanaka is home — be it on a permanent, semi-permanent or holiday basis — to many people. It’s a spiritual home to those who do live here and to many other people who, for whatever reasons, can’t live here all the time.

With all these sentiments in mind, and amidst the dark days of the ‘please change the record, Economy’, I noticed a wonderful new initiative and it sent chills down my spine. Wanaka Living is a fantastic example of confidence in nature and in the historic, future and present-moment Wanaka. To me, Wanaka Living’s philosophy seems to be that nature already has the perfect patterns — so why try and improve on nature?

Wanaka Living lounge rug from Jumping Tangents little brown house New Zealand

Wanaka has a gentle yet strong feel to it — it’s kind of self-effacing, which is a quality some people also admire about that gorgeous city called Vancouver. Self-effacing doesn’t mean complacent or unsophisticated. As you will see, the Wanaka Living Range demonstrates this point rather well:

Wanaka Living square living rug from Jumping Tangents little brown house New ZealandSeriously good looking, it is. Elegant, timeless and incredibly versatile, the Wanaka Living range sits comfortably in uber modern interiors like this:

Wanaka Living moa lounge rug from Jumping Tangents little brown house New Zealand

Or in beautiful traditional settings like this (nice model, eh?!):

Photo taken by Catherine Davis

The range is influenced by the four seasons because they shape the patterns, colours and textures of nature. We also suggest that this range, if properly cared for, can comfort and be a backdrop to the seasons of your lifetime too.

For example, when you’ve got lots of living happening in your home, you must choose your rug from the Living Range – oooh the colours! These rugs are for lying around on with your books, your games, your cards, your friends and your pets.  They are very sumptuous and comforting but they are designed to be used not just looked at.


Or if, when you’ve had the hardest, toughest, horrible-ist day at work, you want to be able to come home, go into your lounge and curl up warmer than warm, cosier than cosy, then you can turn to the Wanaka Lounge range for the right pieces:

(p.s. horrible days can strike at all ages and stages we highly recommend super comfort all the way through.)

Last but not least, my dears, you must play! It is in play that you create, in play that you get your best ideas. It’s only when you play that you can really chill out and get some good perspective happening. With nothing less than this in mind, we encourage you to fall in love with the Play Collection:

Wanaka Living play range from Jumping Tangents New Zealand

The story behind Wanaka Living is what we would call an eagle-eye view.

The company is very passionate about their products — all of the woolskin, leather, and other materials used to make them are sustainably sourced from New Zealand farms and the product range is designed in New Zealand. Design details such as leather, suede and wool combinations have been incorporated to serve a practical purpose (non-slip and durability) and also because it ensures the animal farmed for the production of these goods is not subjected to wasteful practice — every part that can be is respected and put to good use.

Wanaka Living products are available on a supply-to-order basis because the whole supply chain is carefully managed to ensure sustainability. They are also available on a bespoke basis if you have a specific size rug you are after. We think of it in the same way as if we were commissioning a fine piece of art: these products are completely natural with some handcrafted components. Fine art is not fast food.

Please enquire with us on 0800 JUMP TO (within New Zealand) or +64 3 443 5224 (international), or by email cathie@jumpingtangents.co.nz. You can also call into our Little Brown House Store at 4 Little Street, Wanaka.

Now wherever you live in the world you can cocoon yourself nicely with an authentic piece of Wanaka at yours.

‘great art picks up where nature ends — if there’s a clash between the two, it is bad art’

Marc Chagall

We think Mr Chagall would have agreed with us that the Wanaka Living range is, by definition, great art.


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4 Responses to wanaka living, it’s time we brought you home . . .

  1. cathietherese says:

    b e a u t i f u l ! want some at mine xo

  2. fosterkane05 says:

    Wow! Beautifully written as always … but more importantly – great spotlight on Wanaka Living! What an amazing collection! I’ll take one of everything!

  3. erin says:

    You’ve captured Wanaka’s spirit so well, stunning photos, I’d love to have a piece of Wanaka in my living room, but I’ll accept that I’ve just a photo (or two) instead.

  4. Thanks Erin! The photos of the furniture are from Wanaka Living — they’re beautiful aren’t they? xx

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