The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet (Well, in the Top 100)

It occurred to me the other day, as I contemplated whether or not to do something productive (I sat down until the thought passed) that some of you may not actually know the faceless yet endearing oddballs that contribute to the Little Brown House blog. “Travesty!” I exclaimed to myself (but quietly, there’s always the fear someone may be listening in) and set about doodling EXACT REPLICAS of everyone who writes on here. You see, they’re all rather wonderful and it upset me to think you guys might not know it. On a scale of one-to-disaster, it’s about a twenty-seven. But fear not, brave young Aberforth (as I imagine all our avid readers are called), please allow me to introduce you to some magnificent if not slightly unhinged (in the good way) LBH folk:

First, there is Cathie. She has the biggest, bluest eyes you have ever happened upon and should you need persuade someone to do anything (seriously, anything), you should enlist her to stare at them with enormous round eyes. She is head-of-chocolate and director-of-creative-thingys and I’m not sure how or why, but if you walk ahead of her with French things, she will follow you home.


Next up, we have Diane. She is possibly the most excited and happy person on the planet. I don’t know where all her amazing enthusiasm comes from, but I have suspicions she hides it in her luxurious mane. Sometimes, I stand quite close behind her and hope that some of it will rub off on me, but she doesn’t mind because she’s always happy. She does things like answering the telephone and talking to people in the store so if you felt like you were punched in the face by sunshine after staring at someone in LBH for too long, it was probably her.


Then, we have the extraordinary Kimberley. She’s the one that set up our blog on the interwebz and is the author of our newsletters. She lives up in the Super City and walks REALFAST around town doing busy and important things with cool haircuts and excellent taste in shoes. Kimberley is super-smarty (she ate lots of brains as a child) and if you want to woo her, throw books at her. Not really hard or anything, just a soft donk on the head.


And, me? Oh, I’m just here for the free cake …
What’s that? It’s not free? Ahh .. Sorry …
Wh – I can’t …
OHH … It’s not cake …


Love Claire x


About jumping tangents

jumping tangents is a very awesome (it's true, we are) online gift shop that specialises in infusing the everyday with more intrigue, surprise and delight! we love giving the best gifts in the world; we love getting the best gifts in the world; and we like helping other people give the best gifts in the world. all of us here (and that includes you, our friend!) are the best gifters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. this blog is just one of our gifts to you. another is our website, give us some love in the form of comments or emails and you will have our hearts forever. love cathie, diane, claire, kimberley and the jt team xxx
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4 Responses to The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet (Well, in the Top 100)

  1. cathietherese says:

    what a good drawer! I love it all from Kimberley’s signature short, french, fringe to Diane’s happiness mane. this is so funny – clever clogs Claire you do far more than just seek free cake you make our world sooooo much brighter xoxo

  2. I LOVE THIS. There is only one problem: you have grossly misrepresented yourself, Claire Bear. If I wasn’t at work, I would make an amended drawing of the amazing Ms Claire right now. Alas, you’ll have to settle for a description instead: Claire is funny and bright and uber-smart. She also loves books and she knows LOTS about films. She’s EXTREMELY passionate about many things and she’ll fight tooth and nail for what she believes in. For this reason, we’re pleased she’s on our side. Don’t mess with us, cos you’ll be messing with her too.



  3. Stephanie says:

    fabulous Claire! made my day and you have described them just perfectly. love the drawings too – they are hilarious and should be in a frame in little brown house…:)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Claire, you are so pretty and that self portrait of yours is tres horrible! (my Francais is tres rusty)
    Your descriptions of Cathie and Kimberley are awesome
    Steph Johansen 🙂

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