celebrate creativity in wanaka with us!

It’s been mentioned more than once before on this blog, and, even though I’m pointing out the blindingly obvious, I’m going to say it again: Wanaka is a very, very special place. It’s not just the scenery and the proximity to raw nature that is so breathtaking about Wanaka, but also the intense feeling of home you get when you come here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up here or if you’re visiting for the very first time: Wanaka’s soul speaks to everyone, and there’s a place in these mountains for everyone.

The reason I know it’s not just me that feels so strongly about Wanaka is because of the creativity that this place inspires. You’ve got amazing people doing all kinds of amazing things here: intrepid outdoor activites of all kinds, wine-making, photography, sculpture and painting, to name but a few.

The little brown house is fortunate to have its roots firmly grounded in Wanaka’s alpine soil. But, you know what? Wanaka’s also pretty lucky that it has got the little brown house (I may be a bit biased, seeing as Cathie’s my maman, but I do think it’s true!). The little brown house is all about celebrating the creativity that the Wanaka region inspires.

So, as many of you already know, the little brown house’s celebration of creativity is about to be stepped up a notch. We’re bringing together a bunch of other wonderful people and inspiring businesses to create our very own art gallery and home design space as part of the existing shop.

This art gallery and home design space will be officially launched on Wednesday 28 September and you are most cordially invited to join us. BUT you’re going to need to be quick-as-a-fox because places are limited and are filling up very fast. Here’s a taste of what’s going to be on offer:

Wanaka: Earth to Heaven at Whare Kea

This book is a beautiful portrayal of Wanaka and its community, centred around Martyn and Louise Myer’s lodge, Whare Kea. I actually work at the publisher of this book, Random House NZ, so I was lucky enough to witness the unfolding of its production. I can tell you honestly that a lot of love and time and care has been put into this book and it shows. It’s much more than a book: it’s a piece of art that pays homage to this beautiful town.

Wanaka: Earth to Heaven at Whare Kea from Jumping Tangents little brown house online book and gift store

Wanaka: Earth to Heaven at Whare Kea includes a cast of characters typical of those who have made Wanaka their home and seasonal recipes from the lodge’s legendary Chef James Stapley. If you’re intrigued, you can check out sample pages of the book on the Random House website here.

On the evening of our art gallery and home design space opening, the Myers will be there to sign copies of and chat about their book. We’re really excited to have them here, and we’re sure you will be too.

 Thierry Huet, photographer

We’ll be opening with a photographic exhibition of limited edition works by Thierry Huet of Picturesque Photography. We’ve long been fans of Thierry’s work so it’s fantastic to be able to have the opportunity to share it with you too.

Sunset Rouge by Thierry Huet, Picturesque Photography (copyright)

Sunset Rouge by Thierry Huet, Picturesque Photography (copyright)

The Wanaka Living range

A week or two ago, Cathie wrote about the beautiful Wanaka Living range. Come along to see it on display.

Wanaka Living furniture range from Jumping Tangents gift shop and online store

She Chocolat

The latest addition to our chocolaterie will be on offer. Who can resist?!

She Chocolat from Jumping Tangents online gift shop and chocolaterie

Wine tasting by Maude Wines

Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, there’ll also be local wine tasting. Wine and chocolate in Wanaka? I really do think that could be heaven.

Mt Maude wines and vineyard Wanaka

As I mentioned earlier, we’d really love to see you there on the evening of Wednesday 28th but you’ll need to act quickly if you want to be there for the official opening event because numbers are limited. Contact Cathie or Diane at surprises[at]jumpingtangents[dot]com or 0800 JUMP TO / 03 443 5224 for bookings and enquiries.

Of course, everything will most certainly still be there after the official opening so even if you can’t join us on the 28th, please do come and visit after that. We’re really excited about this new venture and we need all your support to help make it a success.

Lots of love Kimberley xx


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4 Responses to celebrate creativity in wanaka with us!

  1. cathietherese says:

    oh my! so wonderful kimberley. This event will be brilliant and places are filling very fast – we would love you to be included xo

  2. cathietherese says:

    should read you all to be included xo

  3. Claire says:

    Very exciting! Hope I can make it x

  4. erin says:

    It sounded like the event was a smashing success, so bummed I missed it, but glad my better half got to enjoy it.

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