Arnold’s Grave Error

The little brown house blog may or may not have dipped into an alternative space-time continuum in the past few weeks … I don’t want to point fingers or anything, but … well … it might have been Arnold. I may as well tell you that he ate it. One afternoon, I was babysitting him and was momentarily distracted by all the bright and shiny things and he ATE it.

He’s really quite self-conscious about his eating habits so I didn’t want to draw attention to it, but it was the little brown house blog, you know? So I waited patiently for at least 3 minutes for him to explain what had happened. He unfortunately got quite sullen about the whole thing and I think it gave him rather terrible indigestion.

Arnold would like to say he is very sorry for his behaviour. He was absurdly naughty and has not eaten anything inappropriate since, we are all very proud. Except for children, sometimes he eats those and no one has figured out how to stop him. He has also let us have the little brown house blog back now so we’re back to blogging with a vengeance.This is just a little post to say hello! Keep an eye out for a heap of exciting posts to come.

Love Claire x


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One Response to Arnold’s Grave Error

  1. cathietherese says:

    I like the way Claire has done her hair in this picture and that Arnold! xo

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