Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $50

The past few weeks I have been going a little bit cuckoo. You are likely thinking, “well, thank my gosh she has finally noticed” but just recently I’ve found this thing called organisation and preparedness. I don’t know where it came from, I tried to attribute it to maturity but, well, it’s obviously not that. I still don’t ever wear pants (they are the Devil) and my best friend is my cat. So, let’s attribute it to a little bit more crazy seeping into my brain (very likely).

This excessive organising has led me to scurry around little brown house buying all the things and putting them in little bags to send to friends and family overseas. Having just completed four years of university I am completely skint, but the great thing about Jumping Tangents is that I can still find the most amazing and personal gifts within my limited price range. It occurred to me as I kept stacking trinkets on my order that you guys might appreciate some help with finding your own awesome gifts and getting value for your money (we are in an F-word R-word after all).

So, without further ado, these are the things in store that I am in love with and can actually afford as Christmas gifts this year:

Lady Masquerade 2012 Calendar $34.95 – Calendars are always a great Christmas gift and the art in this one quietly makes my life.

Music Listography $40.99 – As an avid music fan with equally obsessed friends, this is such a great present idea. Write playlist after playlist on everything to do with life.

Drink the Drops Water Bottle $39.50 – this drink bottle is exceptionally adorable and environmentally friendly.

Kitty Laser Wallet $19.50 – Kittens and lasers. Yes, life can get this awesome.

Love Monkey Hot Water Bottle $24.99 – I’m going to be having my very first white Christmas this year so shamelessly purchased this as a Christmas present to myself. It is SO cute and has been incredibly popular.

The French Cat  $29.95 – This one just came in today and as you may have noticed, I love cats and I like to force cats upon everyone else too as they are just that great. Most of all, at only 30 bucks this book of photography is an absolute steal.

The Book of Awesome $29.90 – I am fortunate enough to have incredibly awesome friends and family so this gift is particularly apt!

The Monster That Ate Stars $15.00 –  This little book is one of my favourite things ever and I have bought so many of them to give as gifts. They are pocket-sized joy.

Beach Strawberry Pocket Mirror $19.50 – These pocket mirrors are beautiful and, like The Monster That Ate Stars, I have bought many as lovely gifts.

And there you have it! Sorry to everyone who will be slightly less surprised this Christmas but at least you know your presents are filled with JOY and WONDER! There are so many affordable and wonderful gifts at Jumping Tangents so pop over and have a look. You might even find yourself attempting to be organised before the Christmas rush begins!

Please also note that Jumping Tangents offers free shipping within NZ for all orders over $50, so if you wanted to bulk buy everyone’s gifts we will wrap them all individually (and very beautifully!) for you then send them all off within 24hours of receiving the order. I mean, you can’t go wrong!

Love Claire x


About jumping tangents

jumping tangents is a very awesome (it's true, we are) online gift shop that specialises in infusing the everyday with more intrigue, surprise and delight! we love giving the best gifts in the world; we love getting the best gifts in the world; and we like helping other people give the best gifts in the world. all of us here (and that includes you, our friend!) are the best gifters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. this blog is just one of our gifts to you. another is our website, give us some love in the form of comments or emails and you will have our hearts forever. love cathie, diane, claire, kimberley and the jt team xxx
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5 Responses to Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $50

  1. cathietherese says:

    fantastic joy and wonder abound = thanks Claire I just felt a whole lot of stress fly away – especially because JT pack and ship sooooo briliantly too and I don’t have to stand in the Post Office cue with kids who have pooed their pants this Christmas xo

  2. fosterkane05 says:

    I hate it when I am behind a pooey pant kid at the post office! Gifts under $50 = Christmas amazingnessssss! Love the quality of these for such a great price!

  3. lifevesting says:

    Great list, I especially love the lady masquerade calendar – I’ll definatly have to give that as a gift!

  4. All of the things! I want all of the things! I want to give all of the things to all of the friends!

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