BREAKING NEWS: We Found a Moa!

There has been a beautiful moa discovered at the Little Gallery, Little Brown House!

“Tricky” and “boring” is not the best combination of words, but in my experience this is exactly what a lot of square rectangular rugs are. Sure, you might get some stunning colours and designs, and they might be kind of safe … but it’s your home, right? do you want to play with your home design?

Here’s a few reasons why playing at yours is good:

1) You no longer have to get antsy wondering whether you have followed the right trend for the season or not. Simplify your life by asking one question: Do you like it? I mean really like it, enough to incorporate it into your everyday or intimate home space? If the answer is YES, GOSH YES! then trust your judgment and get on with enjoying your life in your home.

2) you can reflect some confidence and individual, playful spirit in your home design. It turns out that the structured and pared down, “get-rid-of-all-the-clutter”, look was not really that simple after all. We heard that some people even went and tried to sleep in the wrong bed with the wrong person because their house was identical to their neighbour’s! Seriously though, you are a big kid now and you really can fill your home with fun and creativity without trying too hard. Because you want to relax there, right?

So, how do I suggest you begin to play? You really need to meet the Moa Room Rug by Wanaka Living. The peeps at Wanaka Living tell us this rug shape is all the rage in Europe but NZers are a little slower to pick up on its clever design.  Well, this little kiwi immediately fell in love. I have all too often struggled with rectangle and square rugs because unless they are intended for a certain room size, they can push the chairs that bit too far from the fire place and make the whole room look overly prescribed and boring.  Plus, you can’t change the furniture around as much as you can when you have a Moa Room Rug. Whoar! Told you this was fun …

You might be wondering well, where can I put my Moa Room Rug? Any floor surface you like, sweetheart! See the paragraph above – it’s your home right? It can be a big ol’ grand room like the library on Downton Abbey or it can be in a gorgeous Alpine Cabin like mine (just sayin’). See, we really do love the moa room rug at ours!

Moa Room Rug looking extraordinarily good in our house!

You can read more on the wonderful Wanaka Living story here and see the entire range here. Even better, you can see a real live Moa (Rug) in our Little Gallery at Little Brown House, 4 Little Street, Wanaka.

Love Cathie x


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  1. Tim Davis says:

    Nice 🙂 xx

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