One Book Lover To Another

It has probably occurred to you that we here at Jumping Tangents rather enjoy reading. Both Kimberley and I majored in English at university and have spent years perfecting the answer to: “Oh, that’s interesting! And what are you going to do with that?” Currently, the favoured response is: “I’M GOING TO EAT BOOKS UNTIL MY HEAD EXPLODES.” Then, to prove a point, angrily tear out a chunk of whatever one is holding (hopefully it’s not living but sometimes there must be sacrifices).

NEWEST NEWBIE: The Dovekeepers

Luckily we both have the privilege of working for Jumping Tangents where books are FRIENDS. In my spare time I befriend cats, but during work time (serious time) I go about introducing myself to all the books in the store and we become instant besties because the JT bookshop has the most kickass collection. It’s a rather eclectic mix, we will concede. Cathie has an amazing art background and is a voracious reader, Kimberley (in her spare time) works in publishing and I eat/befriend books, so between us we really have come up with a super (tasty) collection. Some of the wonderful new ones we have in store at the moment are The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman; Rose C’est Paris, a beautiful photography book; and  Missed Connections. I don’t think the cover work of the latter does justice to how cool Missed Connections is – it is a collection of illustrated love stories and the pictures are just amazing. (Yes, I do still read books for the pictures).

Paris + books is almost too much awesome. Embrace it.

I am FULL of so much booky-goodness

We are always getting new books in so keep an eye on our facebook and twitter and we’ll keep you updated! Of course, being the book fiends that we are, it is not enough to simply read the books. No no no, we must also convert all others to the amazingness that is reading. Kimberley and I both own the Reading is Sexy Tee  (Also, friends, it’s on sale! SALE!) but we also have a mug and a magnet for you to let everyone know about the sexiness.

But, it really is ...

If you are, really, seriously, totes committed to the reading cause, check the Great Writers Puppet Set. Unlike books, these ones actually talk back to me (kind of) and I’m hoping that someone will buy this for me for Christmas (… Mum?) I have extravagant plans involving a book feast with me and the puppets, I promise to keep you updated with how that goes. I will also be doing a review of The Dovekeepers in the next week, so keep a wary eye on the horizon fellow booklings!

If I owned these, I would make Shakespeare eat Virginia Woolf's head ...

Love Claire x


About jumping tangents

jumping tangents is a very awesome (it's true, we are) online gift shop that specialises in infusing the everyday with more intrigue, surprise and delight! we love giving the best gifts in the world; we love getting the best gifts in the world; and we like helping other people give the best gifts in the world. all of us here (and that includes you, our friend!) are the best gifters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. this blog is just one of our gifts to you. another is our website, give us some love in the form of comments or emails and you will have our hearts forever. love cathie, diane, claire, kimberley and the jt team xxx
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