make yours a creative space

we live in many spaces. for some, it’s their home environment that they spend the most time in; for others their work environment; and for yet others, there’s no need for a label because their happy space is simply one in which they happen to spend time in because they can freely express themselves within certain boundaries there.

chances are you classify all of the above (and more) as your spaces.

sometimes the word ‘creative’ gets bandied about with more flourish and gusto than it perhaps needs or merits — it’s kind of become one of those empty it-words like ‘genre’ that no one really thinks about the meaning of when they use it. ‘ohhhh that’s so creative!’  you might hear, or,  ‘i’m not creative, but my friend, you know Hazel? oh she is just sooooo creative.’ which, if you’re anything like us, will make you feel like this song.

truth is though that life itself is a creative wonder — nature has it in spades and you yourself are part of nature so it really is impossible for you to not be creative.

if you really appreciate a certain colour, design influence or even something as simple as that old, weathered picture frame out in the back shed — bring it on into your space!  don’t worry whether or not it’s the current trend. just put your stamp on it and if you are worried about creating clutter just enjoy being eclectic and not enslaved to the mainstream (or the man!).

in light of the above, i’m really happy to tell you about my latest book passion/obsession, design sponge at home.

the first half of this four-hundred-page tome is devoted to inspirational photographs of creative spaces from all around the globe, including yours truly, aotearoa. the second half is a wonderful journey into creative projects with the best ‘how to’ section i’ve seen in a long time.

but if you a fancy constructing a daybed that looks like this:

you could talk to tim the toolman at placemakers wanaka but, unfortunately for you, he happens to be my hubbie so you’ll have to fight me for the building pallets.

design sponge at home has been described as a defining voice of design today which has remained true to its optimistic origins.

so what do you think good design is? if you reckon it’s about empowerment, self expression and sheer pluck than prepare to fall in love with design sponge at home!

author Grace began design sponge as a humble blog which now attracts upwards of 75,000 readers per day. some have even gone so far as to say that she has instigated a revolution in freer design practice.

in her own words Grace gives this reason for publishing a book and not staying only online:

as much as we appreciate the speed and immediacy of the Web there’s something about having a tangible guide that you can dog-ear and bookmark — that you just can’t replicate online.

but that’s enough for now! also, i’ve got to go because i need to go and paint orlando’s striped floor.

love Cathie xo

p.s. please tell us what design projects you embark upon and we can continue the synergy of sharing free design.


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