Is It More or Less?

This question is a key one as we head into 2012. A new year can highlight abundance for some and lack for others.

When we realise we cannot control everything that happens to us but we can control our response to these events, we take a shift in consciousness. It is a powerful, personal choice and may just represent true freedom.

Perhaps you are already aware of the story of renowned photographer Sebastiao Salgado. His magnificent photography spans many countries and thirty years coverage of events that have shaped our present day.  If you have a moment, we thoroughly recommend taking a moment to watch this documentary:

Salgado’s popular book, Workers, is a moving compilation of photographs and stories of the thousands of people who work in manual labour throughout our world. As I understood it, this documentary observes that Western society has an almost 100% focus on service as an end result, with little, if any, awareness about the producers of goods. Refreshingly, this rational observation, for me at least, was infused with a sense of wonder and awe. This lead me to ponder whether it is more than likely we miss a certain amount of pleasure and fulfillment from being unaware how something (e.g. a sugar cube) is produced.

Some of the workers interviewed during the documentary are working in the sugar cane industry. One woman took enormous pleasure and pride in threshing the cane and was concerned that the end product from machine harvesting would never carry the love and care she invested in her work. It is likely since this interview was conducted that she, like thousands of others, has lost her job to mechanisation and I begin to comprehend the increasing urbanisation of humanity.For all its faults, Western society is becoming increasingly aware that the cheapest end consumer price often comes at huge expense to the primary producer: their livelihood.

Workers is available from Jumping Tangents now!

Love Cathie x

Are we condemned to be largely spectators? Can we affect the course of events? Can we claim compassion fatigue when we show no sign of consumption fatigue? – Sebastiao Salgado


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