Spark! Great Lives and Reciprocity

 One day I noticed a book on the coffee table at my daughter, Kimberley’s,  flat.  Kimberley had mentioned the work her Art Therapist flatmate, Abi, does and I thought it sounded pretty wonderful.  As I read the book  A Vital Practice  I was really impressed by the works of art, moved by the artists’ life stories and the value Spark brings to the artists and other people’s lives.

A Vital Practice

At Spark, the work is no indulgent art course taken on a whim or as a hobby.  Spark offers people of great diversity, many of whom live with major physical or social disabilities, a place to belong.  Spark is a specialised learning environment where its diverse students are understood, fulfilled and most importantly able to contribute to others’ well-being, as well as serving their own.

Artwork by Pearl Schomburg

Spark has now lost its government funding.  Consequently, Spark has recently set up Friends and Patrons of Spark.  What a great opportunity to belong to this exceptional community! Here people can contribute funding and in return draw from the inspiration and courage Spark Artists give to others by their life example and fantastic artworks.

Lizzy Collenette - Spark Studio Artist

You can also follow Spark on facebook and help share the love for this is indeed a Vvtal practice.  Love Cathie xo

“I am now an Artist.  I used to say I was nothing/no-one.  I can’t tell you how great it is to be something!”  Pearl Schomburg.


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  1. Tim says:

    Very cool. Xox

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