Good cups mean great times…

It’s Autumn!   Whoar!  There is a colour-fest going on outside our window with casual butterflies and thistle-fairies all floating around in a sky which is way beyond blue. Surely this is much to celebrate?

Yes! It is time to get out the good cups put on your favourite tea dress and scatter some of those gorgeous golden leaves around the table/floor/your place in general.

We especially love “Nanny’s” china tea cup at home which has flowers painted inside the base of the cup.  A pretty step up from finishing porridge in your bunnykins plate and one that you can enjoy whatever age you are.

(Confession:  Sometimes I still eat off a bunnykins plate.)

So if you threw a tea-party what would you bake for treats?  Would you bust out with a new recipe to impress?  Or would you draw on a generational favourite ?

Well, for our party – we are going to play, multi-task and share this magic trick with you.

First you will get to play with one big batch of biscuit dough – just like my Mummy did.  Just prepare a double quantity of your favourite or any shortcake biscuit recipe.  Then cut this into thirds,

Take the first portion of dough and cookie-cut your heart out.  Circles are fine but you might want to use your angel wing cookie cutters too and that’s perfectly fine because it is your tea party.  Bake the biscuits  for 10 – 12 mins, in a mod oven, cool and then ice them with soft pink icing and lashings of hundreds & thousands.  Voila!  Icing Biscuits!

Now take portion two and roll out the dough.  Cut it into long, vertical strips sized to whatever dried fruit you wish to fill the dough with.  Be sure to leave enough dough to make a little parcel around the fruit with your dough.  Hmmmmm – I think I will use dates.  Voila!  Date Rolls. 

TIP: If your rolls come apart bind them with a piece of string and present them like an eeeny-weeny parcel on an appropriately gorgeous plate.

Finally take the remaining third of dough:  Cut it into circular shapes and bake 8 mins.  While these bake prepare a quick meringue mixture with a couple of egg whites and castor sugar.  When the biscuits are ready pop a small blob of your best raspberry jam onto them, followed by a generous teaspoon of meringue.  Return to oven for 3 – 5 minutes and Voila!  Hat Biscuits.

Now whip up a sponge sandwich and fill with seasonal berries.  Add candles even if it is not your birthday.

Very pretty!  Not expensive either  and you saved so much time that you could easily accompany your bikkies with some tiny cucumber sandwiches and your tea party food is ready.

All you need then is amazing cups, plates,  flowers, the best teapot (with tea in it, silly-billy) and your favourite bubbles.

Simple – yes?

Celebrate with your besties and have an excellent time.  Love Cathie xo

p.s. the preparation may be relatively simple but your tea dress?  That my dear, is your own affair and may be far from simple. 

“It seems to me that our three basic needs for food, and security and love, are so entwined that we cannot think of one without the other” – M F K Fisher


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